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When death comes as quickly as it does in this fat farm­boy mur­der cir­cus sim­u­la­tor, you want to be one fu­ri­ous but­ton away from a whip-crack restart. Pe­nar­ium de­liv­ers that rapid re­play. It’s a sim­ple, sin­gle screen sur­vival plat­former: you just have to col­lect barrels, while ev­er­chang­ing but pre­dictable traps bom­bard your body. The short breath­ing space that re­wards you on ev­ery fifth bar­rel is both a relief and a fa­tal dis­trac­tion. The best thing about

Pe­nar­ium, which suf­fers mainly from a short cam­paign? It feels like a game I could have made my­self. And that’s the clos­est I’ll ever get to mak­ing a game, so I’ll take it as a com­pli­ment, even if no one ac­tu­ally in­tended one.

Rudi­men­tary as hell, but ef­fec­tive.

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