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GPU – The Graph­ics Pro­cess­ing Unit is the cen­tral in­tel­li­gence of your graph­ics card, just as the CPU is for the rest of your PC. Its hun­dreds or thou­sands of tiny stream pro­ces­sors power through the highly par­al­lel work­loads that are re­quired to ren­der each frame of your game. Stream pro­ces­sors (SPs) – Tiny pro­cess­ing cores like the cores of a CPU but far sim­pler. The more of them and the faster their clock speed, the faster your fram­er­ate. Ar­chi­tec­tural dif­fer­ences mean you can’t di­rectly com­pare AMD SPs to Nvidia SPs, though.

Video mem­ory – Oth­er­wise known as VRAM, this is the high-speed mem­ory on a graph­ics card that al­lows the GPU quick ac­cess to all the data it needs, such as tex­tures, poly­gons, and so on. Not enough means hav­ing to ac­cess much slower sys­tem mem­ory.

AIB – Add In Board part­ners are the likes of Asus and XFX who take the chips de­signed by AMD and Nvidia and build them into the graph­ics cards you can ac­tu­ally buy. Over­clock­ing, cus­tom cool­ers and other ex­tras al­low each AIB to dif­fer­en­ti­ate its prod­uct.

Bang for buck (BfB) – The cost per frames per sec­ond of each graph­ics card. Cal­cu­lated by tak­ing the av­er­age fps in our tests di­vided by the cost of the card. It’s a raw in­di­ca­tion of value.

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