EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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The GTX 1050 Ti may only be £50 cheaper than the RX 470 but its mod­est per­for­mance is more higher-level bud­get than mid-range. That’s re­flected in the card it­self. It’s just 152mm long and sports just one fan, draw­ing all its 75W from its PCIe slot. Peer at the heatsink and other cost-sav­ing is ev­i­dent. There are no heat­pipes in use, nor are the cool­ing fins the fine bent sheet metal of more ex­pen­sive op­tions. In­stead, it’s just a solid piece of ex­truded alu­minium.

How­ever, with such a mod­est power out­put the one fan is suf­fi­cient for cool and quiet oper­a­tion. Plus the whole card is nicely colour co-or­di­nated, with a black PCB, fan shroud, fan and heatsink. But you miss out on the pro­tec­tive metal back­plate and light­ing of the more ex­pen­sive cards and the fan shroud it­self is a slightly cheaper-look­ing plas­tic.

In the end, what re­ally matters is per­for­mance and the GTX 1050 Ti still holds its own. It strug­gled in Ti­tan­fall2 com­pared to its more ex­pen­sive sib­lings – the GTX 1060 is 65% faster – but held up well in TheWitcher.

Over­all, though, there’s not enough ex­tra per­for­mance here to re­ally jus­tify the ex­tra cost over a GTX 1050. For 1080p gam­ing that’s the bet­ter card.

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