MSI GeForce GTX 1050 OC 2GB

PC GAMER (UK) - - Hardware - £116

Although lack­ing in ex­tras, this GTX 1050 still puts in a solid per­for­mance for the price. If the EVGA card was ba­sic, this MSI is pos­i­tively bare­bones. You still get a black PCB but oth­er­wise there are no adorn­ments, just a metal IO plate and heatsink. Mean­while the plas­tic fan shroud is a rather clunky com­bi­na­tion of black and white, plus it com­mits the car­di­nal sin of un­nec­es­sar­ily over­hang­ing the edge of the back of the card in an ef­fort to look big­ger and more im­pres­sive. Like its more ex­pen­sive sib­ling, though, one of the big boons of this card is that, un­like the GTX 950 that it re­places, it doesn’t re­quire any ex­tra power ca­bles.

When it comes to per­for­mance, the 2GB of mem­ory on this card, plus its rel­a­tively small 128-bit mem­ory bus, mean that it strug­gles even more than the EVGA card with the 8x MSAA and ex­treme set­tings of Ti­tan­fall2, though it still just about de­liv­ers a playable set of re­sults.

As for TheWitcher, the lower res­o­lu­tion and lack of AA mean that it takes pro­por­tion­ally far less of a hit com­pared to more ex­pen­sive Nvidia cards.

As a re­sult, de­spite its mod­est ap­pear­ance, this is the best value card on test, with a bang for buck score that far ex­ceeds any other card. For 1080p gam­ing it’s ideal.


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