Asus Rade on RX 480 STRIX OC Editi on 8GB

PC GAMER (UK) - - Hardware - £290

The Strix line is Asus’s flag­ship when it comes to graph­ics cards and this RX 480 shows what it’s all about – pre­mium qual­ity and oo­dles of ex­tras, in­clud­ing a pro­tec­tive metal plate cov­er­ing the whole back and a three-fan cooler. This makes it re­as­sur­ingly hefty but you’ll need to make sure your case has enough room for this over­sized 118mm-tall by 300mm-long card.

Into that back­plate is set an il­lu­mi­nated Repub­lic of Gamers logo while the fans are back­lit with RGB light­ing too. There are also two four-pin fan head­ers on the edge of the card, pro­vid­ing a po­ten­tially con­ve­nient power point for other case fans. Talk­ing of power, you’ll need one eight-pin power cable to pro­vide the 175W this card needs.

All those add-ons don’t come for free – you can pick up RX 480 cards for £260 – but the £30 pre­mium for this one seems good value for such a wealth of ex­tras. How­ever, when it comes to over­all per­for­mance the AMD RX 480 GPU at the heart of this card strug­gles when set against the GTX 1060. That card has a com­fort­able lead in our tests and, in fact, it’s nearly 50% faster in Ti­tan­fall2. With it be­ing es­sen­tially the same price, it’s the clear choice, es­pe­cially as it does all that while con­sum­ing 50W less power.

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