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Kaby Lake may not have been the rev­o­lu­tion­ary step in pro­ces­sors we were all hop­ing for. How­ever, if you’re look­ing to buy a new sys­tem to­day, it’s hard to ar­gue against choos­ing one with a Kaby core at its heart. At least un­til Ryzen launches. Primed with an In­tel Core i5-7600K, 16GB of DDR4, one of In­tel’s new 600P M.2 PCIe SSDs, and two Asus Radeon RX 480s run­ning in Cross­Fire, the Ti­tan Osprey is a ma­chine that pro­vides a great deal of in­sight into three gam­ing-mar­ket co­nun­drums at the mo­ment. Firstly, how well do In­tel’s bud­get PCIe SSDs per­form? Se­condly, are dual RX 480s as strong a per­for­mance combo as a sin­gle GTX 1080? And fi­nally, is the Core i5-7600K truly still the gamer’s pro­ces­sor of choice?

The short an­swer is, all right, nearly and just about. In­tel’s 600P is a bud­get PCIe SSD that en­ables al­most in­stan­ta­neous boot times and rapid file trans­fers. The dual RX 480s pro­vide a huge chunk of graph­i­cal out­put, which al­though lim­ited to ti­tles that tout Cross­Fire pro­files th­ese are few and far be­tween. Lastly, the In­tel Core i5-7600K per­forms flaw­lessly and is a solid choice if you haven’t up­graded for a few years.

Over­clock­ers has pieced to­gether an ag­gres­sively priced sys­tem, sav­ing you £59, on top of of­fer­ing a three-year war­ranty and ex­cep­tional build qual­ity in a stun­ning-look­ing sys­tem.

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