What other Marvel games should Square Enix be mak­ing?

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Sa­muel: Square Enix an­nounced a multi-game deal with Marvel in Jan­uary, with Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics work­ing on an Avengers game and the Deus Ex devs at Ei­dos Mon­treal re­port­edly mak­ing Guardians of the

Galaxy. How do we feel about this, as well as the fact that Deus Ex – also made by Square Enix – is now on hia­tus? And what do we want from this deal in par­tic­u­lar?

Andy: I love Deus Ex and have never re­ally been into Marvel (ex­cept Guardians of the Galaxy, which I love), so this news has left me feel­ing a bit sad. I’m sure Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics will make a re­ally solid and prob­a­bly quite good ac­tion ad­ven­ture fea­tur­ing a fa­mous Marvel char­ac­ter, sim­i­lar to the Bat­man Arkham se­ries. But it’s not Deus Ex, is it? I just want Deus

Ex, for­ever. I feel like Ei­dos Mon­treal’s artists might be wasted mak­ing cities for su­per­heroes to have big, long, bor­ing fights in, in­stead of cool cy­ber­punk dystopias. Prove me wrong. Please. Phil: I think I’d feel bet­ter about a

Deus Ex hia­tus if they’d both­ered to fin­ish Mankind Di­vided’s story. Still, the pos­si­bil­ity of a Marvel se­ries is in­trigu­ing. Games based on comics and films have a ten­dency to be bad, but Square Enix has ac­cess to some tal­ented de­vel­op­ment stu­dios. Will

Avengers work as a game, though? That’s a lot of dif­fer­ent sys­tems to dab­ble in. Pre­sum­ably you’ll be mov­ing from the fly­ing weapon suit level, to the big, stompy green man level, to the spy who does kicks level. Will that work, or do Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics have some­thing more el­e­gant in mind?

Sa­muel: Su­per­hero games lend them­selves so well to sand­box en­vi­ron­ments, that I don’t think a lin­ear game will quite do it. An

Avengers game should be more like a party-based ac­tion RPG set in Man­hat­tan (but bet­ter than Marvel

Heroes), where you can switch be­tween char­ac­ters at any time. I ad­mit los­ing Deus Ex is a bit crush­ing, though. Phil, you’re in­dif­fer­ent to Marvel gen­er­ally. Is there any par­tic­u­lar char­ac­ter or su­per­hero team you have an affin­ity for? Phil: …

Sa­muel: Er, I’ll take that as a no then, Phil. Su­per­heroes are just wrestlers with more elab­o­rate cos­tumes. You should be all over that shit as a man who watches WWE on pur­pose.

Phil: OK, I ad­mit, Iron Man is a much bet­ter char­ac­ter than Brock Les­nar. Then again, even Hawk­eye is a bet­ter char­ac­ter than Brock Les­nar, so maybe I’m just wast­ing my life. It sounds like you’re pitch­ing a sort of ur­ban Dragon Age, but are su­per­heroes suit­able for RPG com­bat? There don’t seem to be con­sis­tent rules about how pow­er­ful they are – pre­sum­ably it’s flex­i­ble in or­der to max­imise the drama of the mo­ment. Maybe that’s an un­fair as­sess­ment, but, at the very least, isn’t Thor a bit OP?

Sa­muel: Well, I’m pic­tur­ing more of a game with Dragon Age’s in­di­vid­ual char­ac­ter abil­i­ties and the way they can tac­ti­cally slot to­gether – but framed more as a third-per­son sand­box game with a lovely city to ex­plore to­gether. If you start bring­ing stats into it, then yeah, Hawk­eye is just an em­bar­rass­ment next to Thor. The logic is too daft. And yeah, Thor is just too OP gen­er­ally. You can’t start putting in stealth sec­tions where Thor qui­etly sneaks up be­hind Thanos and twats him on the back of the neck with his ham­mer.

Andy: I reckon they should bring back for­got­ten Sil­ver Age vil­lain Paste-Pot Pete as a char­ac­ter. You could run around wear­ing a big floppy beret and fir­ing sticky paste at peo­ple. Or how about bell-headed mad sci­en­tist and su­pervil­lain Doc­tor Bong, purely be­cause it would look hi­lar­i­ous on the cover art? But se­ri­ously, su­per­hero games are tricky to get right, and few de­vel­op­ers have man­aged to do them jus­tice. So it’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see how Square Enix tack­les it.

Sa­muel: While we’re go­ing deeper into the lore, let’s have the main vil­lain be es­pe­cially comic booky. Maybe it can be The Maker, who is ac­tu­ally the Fan­tas­tic Four’s Reed Richards from an al­ter­na­tive uni­verse, gone mad, with an eye­ball that’s gone wrong and now he’s trav­elled to our uni­verse to raise hell. Or maybe Su­pe­rior Spi­der-Man, who is ac­tu­ally Doc Ock down­loaded into Pe­ter Parker’s brain and now mak­ing him do naughty stuff. Does that sound like good comics, Phil? Phil: For­get ev­ery­thing I said, Square Enix is screwed.

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