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Meet the fac­tions of Cal­ra­dia

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Cal­radic Em­pire

A di­min­ished, once dom­i­nant em­pire, now locked in a three-way civil war. Spe­cialises in: Ar­moured cat­aphracts and skilled archers.


Desert peo­ple who farm at oases, springs and the shores of the great south­ern lake. Spe­cialises in: Fast-mov­ing medium cav­alry with spears.


Raiders of the Em­pire’s west­ern coast. Have now es­tab­lished a king­dom on im­pe­rial land. Spe­cialises in: Knights wield­ing swords and lances.


In­hab­i­tants of north­west­ern Cal­ra­dia, holed up in the moun­tains af­ter im­pe­rial ex­pan­sion. Spe­cialises in: For­est war­fare, and use of long­bows.


Na­tives of the north­ern forests, and traders and ad­ven­tur­ers from the far north. Spe­cialises in: In­fantry fight­ers in shield-wall for­ma­tions.


Swept out of the east­ern steppes and seized a chain of fron­tier trad­ing city-states for them­selves. Spe­cialises in: Deadly, fast-mov­ing horse archers.


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