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1 Andy Kelly( Zeus)

I’ve played a lot of Arma3 and am well-versed in Zeus mode, par­tic­u­larly spawn­ing sheep.

2 Sa­muel Roberts

I’ve only played Arma3 once, for a fea­ture, and had to be taught how to climb over things again.

3 Chris Thursten

I’ve played a bit of Arma3, but needed to re­play some of the cam­paign to get up to speed.

4 Phil Sav­age

What’s the crouch but­ton? What’s the get in car but­ton? It’s been a while since I last Arma’d.

5 Tom Se­nior

I’ve never re­ally played Arma ei­ther. This hard­core war sim can’t be that hard, right?

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