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New-player corps that won’t ex­ploit you

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arma Fleet A mem­ber of the largest al­liance, Goon­swarm Fed­er­a­tion, Kar­maFleet is ex­ceed­ingly well-or­gan­ised with an im­pres­sive in­fra­struc­ture aimed at help­ing new play­ers. emi Hor d e The yin to Kar­maFleet’s yang, Pan­demic Horde is a rag­tag bunch of new­bies for play­ers who thrive by tak­ing the ini­tia­tive and mak­ing their own fun. r a ve Ne wb i es Inc Though di­min­ished from their for­mer glory, this group pi­o­neered the idea of a new-player­friendly corp and can still be found slug­ging it out against EVE’s big­gest em­pires.

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