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Mod A new, al­ter­nate-uni­verse Gor­don ad­ven­ture

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So Gor­don Free­man has left early re­tire­ment, col­lected his grav­ity gun from the shed (it needed a go­ing over with a wet wipe), and em­barked on an­other ad­ven­ture in Com­bine Coun­try. Mega City One is a pretty size­able mod based on an en­try to the Source en­gine map­ping tour­na­ment, The Ham­mer Cup. Its creator, Crow­bar, has since re­vis­ited, ex­panded and oth­er­wise im­proved his work, in­te­grat­ing it into a sin­gu­lar story set in an al­ter­nate time­line.

The dif­fi­culty has been re­bal­anced for Mega City One, and yep, ‘re­bal­anced’ is a eu­phemism here for ‘made much harder’. Half-Life2’ s hardier en­e­mies have mi­grated to the early sec­tions of this three-hour-long jour­ney, while your rusty first-per­son plat­form­ing skills will be put to the test as well. In­spired by the 2012 film Dredd, by Res­i­dent Evil and also by Tomb Raider some­how, the wide-rang­ing Mega City One takes you from old ru­ins and tem­ples, through to man­sions and lit­tle vil­lages, and even­tu­ally to the im­pos­ing city en­vi­ron­ment that gives the mod its ti­tle. That last part is where the Dredd in­flu­ence comes in most strongly, as you climb a gi­gan­tic tower in search of a lost Xen crys­tal.

That shiny gem is needed by the Com­bine so that they can com­plete the next phase of their Earth in­va­sion, and if you’re fa­mil­iar with Half-Life2, you’ll know that would be a bad thing for all in­volved (ex­cept, per­haps, for Dr Breen). If you’re still wait­ing for Half-Life2:

Episode Three, then first of all, please ex­hale, and then maybe af­ter that give this Mega City a visit.

I’ve got a brand new Com­bine har­vester and, fi­nally, a few more crea­tures to use it on.

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