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Mod Play a ’90s FPS in­side Fall­out4

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For some­thing set in the 23rd cen­tury (al­beit in an al­ter­nate his­tory time­line), the qual­ity of Fall­out4’ s in-uni­verse games is a lit­tle... lacking. If you’ve dis­cov­ered any of the playable holodisks, you’ll know that they re­sem­ble sim­plis­tic ar­cade games from our 1970s and ’80s: things like Space

In­vaders, Pit­fall or Zork. How about this mod that brings Fall­out’s games in­dus­try more up-to-date, then? Ac­ti­vated from a ter­mi­nal in a Con­cord speakeasy, Re­volted takes the form of a 1990s-style FPS, com­plete with chunky low-res tex­tures and amus­ingly dread­ful voice act­ing, not to men­tion crude, Duke

Nukemesque quips. It’s still Fall­out4 be­neath all that (mod­der Co­ha­gen hasn’t changed the game that much) but this short throw­back should of­fer a nice change of pace, what with its boss bat­tles, de­lib­er­ately duff plat­form­ing sec­tions, and old-timey colour-coded door keys. Play­ing as the Overseer of Vault 102, you have to wres­tle back con­trol from an evil pro­fes­sor.


Turns out the Fall­out4 en­gine isn’t a great fit for ’90s FPS.

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