A Way Out

Es­cap­ing prison and liv­ing a life on the run in couch co-op

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It’s like a David Cage game but good,” I say to PC Gamer US’s James Daven­port after we leave our ses­sion of A Way Out. This co-op nar­ra­tive adventure game comes from Josef Fares and his stu­dio Haze­light. Fares di­rected Broth­ers:A Tale of Two Sons, which you may re­mem­ber as a dev­as­tat­ing en­try in the ‘sad boy’ sub­genre.

I don’t re­ally mean my slight to­wards Cage’s work. The way his games present in­ter­ac­tive sto­ry­telling is great – I just wish they were bet­ter writ­ten. AWayOut im­presses in that re­gard. In the scene we play, set in a gas sta­tion, your goal is to hold the place up and take their money. This is not a branch­ing adventure, but you can make choices that shape the dra­matic beats. First of all, we can de­cide who’s go­ing to hold up the cash reg­is­ter – Leo or Vin­cent. We pick Vin­cent, my char­ac­ter, be­cause Leo comes across as a hot­head.

As we ap­proach, we can send civil­ians away by ly­ing to them about bet­ter gas prices across town. This re­duces the like­li­hood that some­one will call the cops. Inside the gas sta­tion it­self, char­ac­ters can in­ter­act with ob­jects based on their per­son­al­i­ties. Leo can drink beer, whereas Vin­cent can play around with a fish­ing reel.

Enough scene-set­ting, then. Vin­cent presses the gun in the at­ten­dant’s face. I find out there’s a safe in the back, which Vin­cent yells to Leo. Un­for­tu­nately, Leo’s grabbed by some guy as he runs into the back. I send Vin­cent out there and he socks the guy in the face, free­ing Leo. I keep Vin­cent by the safe while Leo talks the at­ten­dant into giv­ing up the safe code. One of the NPCs who we for­got to send away from the gas sta­tion has fetched the cops, and they’re now in­com­ing.

Out of con­trol

I point the gun at the at­ten­dant and pull the trig­ger, but Vin­cent just fires in the air. You can’t go on a killing spree in AWayOut – the char­ac­ters are who they are. We make a swift get­away in the car. That was a tense sce­nario that told me a lot about the kind of char­ac­ters we’re play­ing as, and the writ­ing and act­ing is gen­er­ally of a high stan­dard. I’m im­pressed. You might say it’s like a David Cage game, but good.

In this, you and an­other per­son play as Vin­cent and Leo, two guys who be­come pals in prison be­fore break­ing out. They form a kind of work­ing re­la­tion­ship as they make their way through the world out­side of their jail cells.

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