Find­ing beauty in the waste­land of


Andy gets post-apoc­a­lyp­tic.

At first glance the Great White looks like any other post-apoc­a­lyp­tic waste­land. An ex­panse of bar­ren desert lit­tered with the re­mains of the old world. But then you re­alise that, be­fore the bombs fell, it was once the floor of an ocean. You see the rusted car­casses of boats buried in the sand and rag­tag set­tle­ments built around con­tain­ers spilled from cargo ships long ago.

What used to be a sea­wall is now an im­pen­e­tra­ble fort with an in­tim­i­dat­ing, fire-spew­ing gate block­ing ac­cess to the Dead Bar­rens be­yond. And your faith­ful me­chanic Chum­bucket’s tem­ple is a vast, up­turned cargo ship. It’s a unique

take on the world of MadMax, and won­der­fully evoca­tive.

Even­tu­ally you break through the gate and jour­ney into the Dead Bar­rens, which was once the coast­line of that for­got­ten ocean. Here you find the ru­ins of small coastal towns and the fallen tur­bines of a wind farm – a last at­tempt to avert the oil cri­sis that trig­gered the world’s col­lapse. Head north and you’ll reach the Dunes, an area swal­lowed up by sand. It’s mostly an empty desert roamed by ruth­less ban­dits, then you see some­thing like the tip of a spire pok­ing out of the dunes, giv­ing you an idea of just how deep it is. There’s a sur­pris­ing amount of va­ri­ety in this wasted land.

As you drive from the Great White through the Dead Bar­rens and up to the Dunes, a pic­ture forms in your mind of what this land­scape would have looked like be­fore the world went to shit. There’s a con­sis­tency to its de­sign that isn’t ob­vi­ous, but

It’s one of the pret­ti­est, most at­mo­spheric open worlds on PC

The waste­land is full of evoca­tive scenery.

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