Re­turn to the world of Obliv­ion, 200 years later


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Like many peo­ple, I have a cer­tain soft spot for TheElder Scroll­sIV:Obliv­ion, al­though the thought of play­ing through it again brings me out in hives.

There are some great quests, lo­ca­tions, and a ter­rific sense of free­dom, but I don’t think I could stom­ach traips­ing through its ugly world, chat­ting to NPCs played by one of three voice ac­tors, and with faces that re­sem­ble cabbages. I’m so glad that mod­ders are bring­ing the world of Cy­rodiil into Skyrim, then, from the am­bi­tious Sky­bliv­ion to the equally daunt­ing BeyondSkyrim–Cy­rodiil, which has re­cently re­leased its open­ing chap­ter. Un­like Sky­bliv­ion – which aims to bring the land­mass, NPCs and quests of Obliv­ion into the Skyrim en­gine – BeyondSkyrim takes you back to Cy­rodiil for some new ad­ven­tures in a fresh time pe­riod. It’s set in the time of drag­ons, around 200 years after all of that busi­ness with Pa­trick Stewart and Sean Bean.

I don’t know if you’ve no­ticed, but Cy­rodiil is rather huge, so the team has sen­si­bly chopped BeyondSkyrim into sep­a­rate chunks. The first, Bruma, trans­ports play­ers to the frosty city of, well, Bruma and its sur­round­ings, with a load of new quests, and hours of ad­di­tional music and voiceovers. The team boasts that it’s big­ger than the of­fi­cial Dragonborn ex­pan­sion – one­and-a-half times big­ger, in fact. If you’ve ever won­dered what’s been hap­pen­ing in the world of Obliv­ion since you’ve been gone, then get down­load­ing.

The win­try Bruma is hardly a de­par­ture from Skyrim.

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