Peg­gle Nights


Thename might con­jure thoughts of an il­licit Peg­gle noc­turne, an after-dark spe­cial for the sorts of peo­ple who fill glit­tery Rus­sian ice bars in ad­verts for vodka. With the flash of a card gilded with the sign of a uni­corn, gor­geous peo­ple fil­ter into ex­clu­sive cham­bers to con­duct the kind of clean, fric­tion­less pachinko orgy that you can only imag­ine if you’re not there. Put these thoughts aside. ‘Nights’ means that the Peg­gle is con­ducted against a back­ground that is a darker shade of blue. Even so: this re­mains one of the defin­ing ad­dic­tions of the PopCap back cat­a­logue, a game of ball-play that cli­maxes in the best use of

Ode To Joy this side of A Clock­work Or­ange.

I think the pachinko uni­corn is try­ing to tell me some­thing.

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