Turn­heads at your next din­ner party by wait­ing for some­body to bring up FTL (this will hap­pen) and ask­ing if they’ve played Flotilla. It’s a bit like FTL, see, but it’s older, fewer peo­ple have played it, and there are talk­ing an­i­mals. You bounce be­tween ga­lac­tic nodes up­grad­ing your ships and fight­ing en­emy fleets and if you die that’s it for you. Com­bat is noth­ing like FTL at all, mind – it’s 3D and all to do with plot­ting ma­noeu­vres and feels a bit like naval war­fare in a fish tank – but don’t men­tion that, we’ve got an anec­dote to usurp. Sim­i­larly: this is an oft-over­looked part of the Blendo Games back cat­a­logue, should your un­likely con­ver­sa­tion move in that di­rec­tion.

Yes, that’s a bat­tle­ship with a snoot.

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