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I wish the an­i­mal peo­ple in BE­YOND GOOD AND EVIL were my friends

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Bhas only grown more at­trac­tive with time. It was al­ways lovely, the world of Hillys, de­spite be­ing a dystopia where the threat of war has left a pop­u­la­tion of an­i­mal peo­ple to the mercy of a mil­i­tary au­toc­racy. I’d choose to live there if I could. The world could go to shit but you’d be just that lit­tle bit hap­pier if your un­cle/ best friend/hov­er­craft re­pair­man was an an­thro­poid pig with fart-pow­ered rocket shoes.

The game’s world­build­ing re­ally stands up, as it hap­pens. It’s both like­able in the way that 3D car­toon ad­ven­ture games star­ring an­i­mal peo­ple tend to be like­able, and it has some­thing to say in the way that games about grim alien dystopias tend to have some­thing to say about, er, that spe­cific prob­lem. This is the only game to ever con­sider mar­ry­ing Half-Life 2 to Banjo-Ka­zooie, which isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a sur­prise, but it does go some way to ex­plain­ing why the 14-year ab­sence of a se­quel has made ev­ery­body in the world an­gry.

This is also a pro­foundly ro­man­tic in­ter­pre­ta­tion of what it means to be a free­lance jour­nal­ist. Jade’s day job is tak­ing pho­tos of an­i­mals for an ap­pre­cia­tive sci­en­tist, who replies to each sub­mit­ted im­age with an

in­ter­est­ing fact, a note of praise, and im­me­di­ate trans­fer of pay­ment. Not con­tent to sim­ply ex­ist within the dig­i­tal ecosys­tem as a thought­less gen­er­a­tor of #con­tent, Jade uses her money to main­tain the elec­tric force­field that pro­tects her light­house-turne­dor­phan­age-turned hov­er­craft hangar from the alien in­vaders that pound her home­land on the reg.

She’s phys­i­cally fit, a mas­ter of back­flips and com­bat with a bo-staff. She med­i­tates and can sprint in­def­i­nitely. She is reg­u­larly en­trusted with com­mis­sions that ac­tively im­prove the lives of the peo­ple around her. She looks good in green. I’m not sure if I hate Jade or if I’d like to be her. The only thing she has in com­mon with ev­ery free­lance jour­nal­ist I’ve ever met is that she sub­sists en­tirely on wedges of yel­low cheese, but in Jade’s case this ac­tu­ally makes her less likely to die.

Spice of life

Be­yond Good and Evil is straight­for­ward, as open world-ish ad­ven­ture games tend to go, but that isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing. Its pho­tog­ra­phy and ve­hi­cle com­bat sys­tems are good ex­am­ples of how to in­clude va­ri­ety in a game with­out giv­ing in to fea­ture creep, and they never get in the way of the story or char­ac­ters – ev­ery­body would prob­a­bly clap if Ubisoft went back to this model for the next As­sas­sin’s Creed, which they ab­so­lutely def­i­nitely won’t.

In­stead, they fit seam­lessly into a breezy, pleas­ant, and con­sis­tently imag­i­na­tive romp with a good story. I should have prob­a­bly picked a bet­ter word to de­scribe Be­yond Good and Evil than ‘romp’, to be hon­est with you, but I know what a real jour­nal­ist looks like now and it’s en­tirely be­yond me so I give up.

Jade’s day job is tak­ing pho­tos of an­i­mals for an ap­pre­cia­tive sci­en­tist

Ah, the life of a pro­fes­sional jour­nal­ist.

Jade likes green, un­sur­pris­ingly.

‘Mod­u­lar hov­er­craft’ is fun to say out loud.

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