Death­match Clas­sic


Ifind it com­fort­ing that at any given time of day be­tween three and 11 peo­ple are still play­ing Death­match Clas­sic on a server some­where, prob­a­bly Ger­many. You’re more likely to get de­posited into a cus­tom map than a chunk of vin­tage Quake nowa­days, but Quake it re­mains. It’s like dis­cov­er­ing that the best night out of your life is still hap­pen­ing some­where, much as you re­mem­ber it. The only thing stop­ping you re­turn­ing heart and soul to the mid-’90s great­est on­line mul­ti­player ex­pe­ri­ence is your de­sire to seek it out, and the only thing stop­ping you from frag­ging ’em like you used to are your ter­ri­bly frayed nerves and time-wasted synapses. A happy place.

The nail­gun takes me back to the ’90s.

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