Be Quiet ! Silent Loop 240­ £120


While the in­clu­sion of a sec­ond fan in the 120mm ver­sion of be quiet!’s cooler means it is priced a lit­tle high, the 240mm Silent Loop is more com­pet­i­tively po­si­tioned. This is still a pre­mium op­tion, though.

This means you still get the nickel-plated base to the wa­ter block, a solid metal block it­self and the coil-wrapped flex­i­ble tub­ing.

You miss out on hav­ing soft­ware con­trol of the whole sys­tem. The Silent Loop 240mm re­lies on your moth­er­board hav­ing three fan head­ers – one for the pump, and one each for the fans.

One of the nicest things about this cooler is the flex­i­bil­ity of the wa­ter hoses. It’s a cinch to slot it all into place and the metal coils sur­round­ing the tubes help to en­sure they don’t get bent.

As for per­for­mance, this cooler de­liv­ers some of the best tem­per­a­tures both in silent and stan­dard modes, and it’s among the qui­etest, too. In silent mode it claims top spot out­putting just 31.5dB while in stan­dard mode it sits a lit­tle more mid-ta­ble, but with a still de­cent 41dB.

As such, the be quiet! Silent Loop 240 is a great op­tion if you’re af­ter a pre­mium 240mm cooler and aren’t par­tic­u­larly fussed about soft­ware con­trol.

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