Turn an RPG into a sur­vival sim


Ger­alt has needs in the non-mod­ded Witcher3, of course; needs that tend to be met by ei­ther a lusty sor­cer­ess or a mug of Kaed­we­nian Stout. But if you want to turn the White Wolf into a proper per­son who needs to eat, drink and sleep now and again, the Pri­malNeeds mod is the down­load for you. There’s fi­nally a proper point to all that lovely food and drink you’ll find in ev­ery cas­tle, inn and hovel. A fam­ished, thirsty, or knack­ered Ger­alt will face a tough time in com­bat, as his abil­ity to run, roll, block or re­gen­er­ate stamina may be di­min­ished, de­pend­ing on how needy he is.

Sur­vival added quite a bit to the later Fall­out games (via their op­tional Sur­vival modes), so it’s great to see sim­i­lar sys­tems be­ing added to TheWitcher3’ s world – and you can tweak Pri­malNeeds as you see fit.

Sur­vival me­ters aren’t out of place in a game with real-time beard growth.

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