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The One Elite is an ul­tra-com­pact PC that packs the very lat­est high-end gam­ing com­po­nents into a case that’s so small it has to be seen to be be­lieved. It’s also a beau­ti­fully built ma­chine and even man­ages to offer plenty of up­grade op­tions too. It’s the ul­ti­mate mini gam­ing PC, for a price. So the Corsair One Elite doesn’t come cheap, but you re­ally are get­ting the best of the best. An In­tel Core i7-8700K and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti would set you back well over £1,000 alone, plus you also get a mini-ITX moth­er­board, a 2TB hard drive, a 480GB SSD and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. The lat­ter three can all be up­graded with­out void­ing the war­ranty, too.

All this is crammed into a fan­tas­tic-look­ing case that has a foot­print of just 200x187mm and that stands just 380mm tall. It’s all clad in alu­minum pan­els, and there’s a real flair to the sub­tle an­gles in its de­sign.

Like the Mac Pro, it also uses a sin­gle large fan to cool the whole case, suck­ing air in through the two Corsair all-in-one liq­uid cool­ers that are draw­ing heat from the CPU and GPU and ex­pelling it out the top.

It’s an ef­fec­tive sys­tem, as the One Elite stays im­pres­sively cool and quiet. It also makes mince­meat of any work­load you throw at it.

It’s a pricey ma­chine but con­sid­er­ing the build qual­ity, spec and per­for­mance, it’s one I


1 Cheaper op­tions

You can get the same great One chas­sis but with less pow­er­ful com­po­nents, start­ing with a 7700K/GTX 1080 combo for £1,799.

3 Per­for­mance

In Rise of the Tomb Raider at1440p with very high de­tail it hit 120fps av­er­age. Not bad for such a tiny ma­chine.

2 A cc es­sories

A power ca­ble and an­ten­nae for the WiFi are all you get in terms of ex­tras. Mouse, key­board, mon­i­tor, etc, sold sep­a­rately.

4 Alternatives

Few other sys­tems quite match the One’s size but the Alien­ware Aurora R7 and Asus ROG G20CI come close.

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