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This was a land­mark is­sue in PC Gamer history, fea­tur­ing a large re­design that turned it into the mag­a­zine you know and love to­day. This was the first is­sue to fea­ture a new-look Ex­tra Life sec­tion, con­tain­ing brand-new reg­u­lar fea­tures, such as Now Play­ing and Reinstall. Nine years later, these fea­tures are still go­ing and they’re some of our favourite parts of the mag­a­zine.


Our lead re­view was Demigod, the DotA- like that you’ve only now just re­mem­bered ex­ist­ing. Leisure SuitLarry:Box Of­ficeBust earned a score of 19.


Per­haps the best fea­ture of the is­sue is Quintin Smith’s haunt­ing tale of a par­tic­u­larly bad day in sand­box MMO

Wur­mOn­line. “Lost. In the mid­dle of a dense for­est, crowded with rav­en­ous moun­tain lions. I’m kind of rav­en­ous my­self, since Egg and I had all our be­long­ings taken away. Egg’s my only friend in the world, and right now he’s star­ing death in the face…”

IS­SUE 201, June 2009 on the cover StarCraftII IN TH E CH ART S Girls Aloud – Un­touch­able

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