Asus ROG Strix B360-F Gam­ing £120


In­tel has in­tro­duced the H370 and B360 moth­er­board chipsets, fi­nally pro­vid­ing a cheaper al­ter­na­tive to Z370. The new chips both lose over­clock­ing but H370 is oth­er­wise ba­si­cally the same. Mean­while, the B360 also drops to 12 PCIe lanes so this won’t be a board for top-end sys­tems.

This Asus B360-F Gam­ing ex­am­ple, then, is £70 cheaper than its Z370 coun­ter­part but still has a premium look and feel, plenty of I/O and all the fan con­trol and sys­tem mon­i­tor­ing ex­tras you’d ex­pect. Over­all, I’d prob­a­bly plump for the H370 ver­sion for just £20 more. Sup­ports: LGA1151 pro­ces­sors / Con­nec­tiv­ity: 6x USB, Dis­playPort, HDMI, DVI, Eth er­net, sur­round sound / Con­tents: moth er­board, 2 x SA TA ca­bles, St rix light ing ca­ble, screws, manu al

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