Sea­gate Bar­raCuda Pro 6TB

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The Bar­raCuda Pro is Sea­gate’s high-speed op­tion, de­signed to pro­vide re­spon­sive per­for­mance for high­de­mand sit­u­a­tions with­out wor­ry­ing about power con­sump­tion and noise. Avail­able in sizes from 500GB to 10TB, the Bar­raCuda Pro is the most ca­pa­cious PC drive you can buy, and has per­for­mance fig­ures to match: Sea­gate claims se­quen­tial read and write speeds of 220MB/sec. Cru­cial to this is the 7,200rpm spin­dle speed, which, com­bined with ag­gres­sive head move­ment, means it’s no­tice­ably louder than slower drives (we mea­sured 39.4dB from 30cm away). Com­pen­sa­tion comes in the form of floor-wip­ing per­for­mance. It trailed the Western Dig­i­tal Black in a hand­ful of tests, but it’s the clear leader over­all. There are a few key num­bers. First is se­quen­tial read/write speed: it hit near 240MB/sec in both AS SSD and Crys­talDiskMark, while the Black hov­ered at around 200MB/sec. The se­cond is the ac­cess time ( see graphs, right). The Black is ac­tu­ally quicker than the Bar­raCuda Pro in these tests, but both drives are far faster than the main­stream mod­els (aside from the SSD-en­hanced FireCuda). The third fig­ure is the over­all PCMark 8 score, where it only fell be­hind the SSDen­hanced FireCuda. Along with all this speed, the Pro comes with a five-year war­ranty and two years of free data re­cov­ery. It’s well worth the price.

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