Western Dig­i­tal Black 4TB

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With the demise of Western Dig­i­tal’s 10,000rpm Ve­lociRap­tor drives, the WD Black has been the go-to choice for per­for­mance hard drives for years. How­ever, that crown has now slipped a lit­tle: the Black 4TB model we tested was con­sis­tently and com­fort­ably out­per­formed by the Sea­gate Bar­raCuda Pro 6TB.

Some of that ad­van­tage is down to the higher ca­pac­ity, es­pe­cially as at 6TB and above the Bar­raCuda Pro moves to 256MB of cache, but the con­sis­tent per­for­mance gap sug­gests the Pro would main­tain a lead if the ca­pac­i­ties were the same.

No­tably, this WD Black didn’t pull far ahead of its Blue brother in some tests. In PCMark 8, there was never more than a ten-second dif­fer­ence be­tween the drives, while the Pro was often 30 sec­onds faster.

On the plus side, the Black runs at con­sis­tently fast se­quen­tial read/write speeds, and it of­fers fast ac­cess times. As well as mak­ing the drive snap­pier than cheaper mod­els, that some­times re­sulted in per­for­mance vic­to­ries against the Pro, such as a big lead in 4KB ran­dom reads in Crys­talDiskMark.

An­other vic­tory for the Black is that it’s qui­eter than the Pro when idle: 38dB ver­sus 40dB for its ri­val. It also comes with a free copy of Acro­nis True Im­age WD Edi­tion. And the fi­nal sell­ing point: it has a five-year war­ranty, and is rated for con­tin­u­ous and heavy use. That makes the Black ideal for any­one seek­ing a speedy drive for stor­ing bulk data that will be changed fre­quently.

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