Why ev­ery busi­ness needs to Kon­nect Voice call­ing

Imag­ine a 4G LTE Wi-Fi de­vice that will work in over 100 coun­tries, all with­out net­work roam­ing fees or buy­ing a lo­cal SIM… and it al­lows voice call­ing

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B usi­ness or fre­quent trav­ellers will be fa­mil­iar with the sce­nario. You land in a new coun­try and want to con­nect. If you’re lucky, you can get on­line with your phone, but even then it may not sup­port the lo­cal 4G or LTE bands – so you’ll be re­stricted to 2.5G or 3G speeds – and you prob­a­bly can’t tether your lap­top.

There are pocket Wi-Fi de­vices that solve some of the prob­lems in some of the coun­tries, but often they’re tied to spe­cific mo­bile op­er­a­tors with fear­some charges if you down­load too much data from the wrong car­rier.

Th­ese are just some of the rea­sons why Nuu Mo­bile cre­ated the Kon­nect i1. Just re­leased, here are the key rea­sons busi­nesses and fre­quent trav­ellers will be in­ter­ested – and two ex­clu­sive of­fers for PC Pro read­ers.

Un­lim­ited daily data

There’s no limit on how much data you can down­load per day: grab as much as you need. The sole caveat is the daily fair us­age pol­icy on the 4G LTE data com­po­nent. But you only pay for the days you need.

Or pay for data per gi­ga­byte

Feel more com­fort­able with buy­ing data by the gi­ga­byte? No prob­lem, that’s also an op­tion.

No SIM cards You don’t need to in­sert a sin­gle SIM card into the Kon­nect i1. Switch it on when you ar­rive and it will de­tect which coun­try you’re in, then au­to­mat­i­cally con­nect us­ing its hy­brid tech­nol­ogy, ei­ther vir­tual SIM or multi-iden­tity eSIM ( see above).

Al­ways con­nect

Too many peo­ple try­ing to con­nect means a stan­dard pocket Wi-Fi de­vice has to re­duce the speed of its ser­vice or re­ject peo­ple al­to­gether. Not the Kon­nect i1.

Su­per se­cure

We don’t merely mean that all data is en­crypted from de­vice to server, which it is, or that you can avoid pub­lic net­works al­to­gether: Nuu Mo­bile can also in­cor­po­rate a VPN setup for cor­po­rate or en­ter­prise cus­tomers, au­tho­rised de­vice ac­cess, or sep­a­rate chan­nels for per­sonal and cor­po­rate traf­fic, mean­ing a con­nec­tion over the Kon­nect i1 can al­ways be trusted.

Bat­tery life

The Kon­nect i1’s 3,600mAh bat­tery is de­signed to run and last a full work­ing day with mul­ti­ple de­vices, mean­ing you don’t need to place any ex­tra bur­den on your phone (as you would if you were us­ing it as a mo­bile hotspot).

Fast, global cov­er­age

Even though you may get roam­ing in­cluded with your cur­rent phone net­work provider, you won’t ac­cess the fastest speeds in all coun­tries un­less you have the right net­work bands on your phone. That’s not a prob­lem with the Kon­nect i1. Plus, Nuu Mo­bile part­ners with the fastest and most re­li­able 4G LTE op­er­a­tors in each re­gion. Most pocket Wi-Fi de­vices are all about the data: with the Kon­nect you can make calls with Wi-Fi call­ing, pro­vid­ing your phone and net­work plan sup­ports this. All with­out spend­ing an­other penny.

Mul­ti­ple de­vice con­nec­tions

You can con­nect up to five de­vices to the Kon­nect i1, per­fect if you’re at an event with your team, or need to keep the kids dis­tracted with Net­flix stream­ing on an­other de­vice while you work.

Easy to man­age

In­di­vid­ual users can use the app to man­age the de­vice and make data pack­age pur­chases, while also mon­i­tor­ing the de­vice sta­tus from the app dash­board.

Cor­po­rate level man­age­ment

Man­age mul­ti­ple de­vices? An on­line con­trol panel lets you set daily down­load lim­its and pur­chase whole­sale data to share across de­vices. Plus, use white/black­lists to screen un­wanted traf­fic, or re­strict ac­cess to cer­tain MAC ad­dresses.

Share the joy

Busi­nesses want a de­vice they can share be­tween trav­el­ling staff and that’s so easy to use no sup­port is nec­es­sary. With the Kon­nect i1, it’s a mat­ter of switch­ing it on and keep­ing it charged.

Set your coun­try IP ad­dress

Need your lap­top to be­lieve it’s in the UK? Or in the US? Then use the ac­com­pa­ny­ing An­droid or iOS app to choose an IP ad­dress, wher­ever you need it to be.

The price is right

The Kon­nect costs £150. Af­ter that you sim­ply buy pre-pay pack­ages as and when you need data on your trav­els. So, no con­tracts and no ac­ti­va­tion fees – a true pay-as-you-go or cor­po­rate so­lu­tion.

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