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Here’s page six of the Times news­pa­per from Tues­day, Novem­ber 1, 2016. How won­der­ful to see the Volk­swa­gen Group por­tray­ing mo­tor­cy­clists as a hos­tile threat...

No doubt if you do not drive a VW Tiguan or Touareg SUV you are putting lit­tle Jeremy and Annabelle’s mid­dle-class lives at huge risk by al­low­ing a bunch of blood­thirsty biker rapists and mur­der­ers to hack your loved ones from limb to limb, rav­ish your wife and feast on your fam­ily’s flesh be­fore they can ar­rive home safely for or­ganic po­lenta in deep­est, dark­est Sur­rey. Well done Volk­swa­gen; thanks for rep­re­sent­ing mo­tor­cy­clists in such a pos­i­tive light. Alan Rogers You can’t get away from the fact that VW are play­ing on a stereo­type here that they wouldn’t get away with if it was a re­li­gious group or a racial mi­nor­ity. But, to be hon­est, it doesn’t bother me. I quite like the fact that rid­ing a bike is looked upon by some as ‘bad’ rather than some­thing a posh Volk­swa­gen SUV owner would en­joy. Right, got­tabo go- I need to pack my VW Golf from­ser­vice.Mw Golf up from its ser­vice. MW

Ev­ery new VW SUV comes with chop­per out­rid­ers

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