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"WITH THE 2004-2007 bikes, we were a fac­tor team - the bikes were build by HRC and de­vel­op­ment dic­tated by them. So when the new bike ar­rived, we used a lot of kit parts - en­gine, chas­sis, elec­tron­ics, most thinks. But since the rules have shifted to stip­u­late stan­dard en­gine in­ter­nals and con­trol elec­tron­ics, HRC's de­vel­op­ment weren't use­able for us, and we weren't able to as­sist them with de­vel­op­ment in the same way ei­ther. So the bikes have evolved to the point where they use al­most­longer avail­ableno kit parts,to us and ei­ther.”the fac­tory parts we got in some ar­eas are no


A KIT RA­DI­A­TOR was used at the be­gin­ning, with an oil/wa­ter heat ex­changer, but now the team uses sep­a­rate wa­ter/oil ra­di­a­tors to their own spec­i­fi­ca­tion. “We saw bet­ter wa­ter tem­per­a­tures when we sep­a­rated the cool­ing.”


“AN­OTHER AREA WHERE kit parts are no longer avail­able to us, so we’ve moved to out­side sup­pli­ers. We moved to GPMS and an over-braced swingarm to be­gin with, as Alex Lowes used on his ti­tlewin­ning bike in 2013. We had no prob­lem with the per­for­mance of it, but we moved to an un­der-braced swingarm in 2014 to make room for a dif­fer­ent fuel tank and sub­frame. It’s also a lit­tle longer than stan­dard so we have more scope for length­en­ing the wheel­base, though it’s rel­a­tively close to stock.”


"THE 2014 MODEL up­date brought a dif­fer­ent cylin­der head and valves, plus the fac­tory-blueprinted pis­tons that we must use in BSB. Orig­i­nally, we used kit head parts - cams, valves and springs - but now we use our own ma­chined bil­let cam, which gives us the max­i­mum lift we can achieve. The du­ra­tion is changed over stan­dard, too. It's some­thing we've change a bit since we started de­vel­op­ing them in 2014 to give the rid­ers the power de­liv­ery they want. The bike's stength is to cor­ner­make it exit eas­ier power,to drive al­though­out of we cor­ners.”had to change the power lower down

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