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‘I used to have Rut­ter’s old R7/1, but I sold it to buy this R7. It’s a proper R7 but is a race­bike only as it has no frame num­bers. The en­gine has been tuned by Pete Beale and is mak­ing around 155bhp, which means it is prob­a­bly a B-kit en­gine and the choco­late crank shouldn’t shit it­self. I swapped the R7 forks for FG pri­va­teer items from the era and fit­ted pe­riod Brembo monoblock calipers as you can’t get the Nissin six-pis­ton units the WSB team ran for love nor money. It’s not a show bike – once it is up and run­ning I’ll be tak­ing it on track­days. I may even race it in Golden Era for a laugh, but it prob­a­bly won’t bother the lead­ers.’


‘We have six tyre ma­chines. One is in Europe, a few in the truck, one in the work­shop, one in a van... You can spend a for­tune on tyre ma­chines, but we buy the cheap ones at £800 as we re­place them ev­ery two years. We al­ways buy ones with plas­tic-on-plas­tic heads and feet as we deal with car­bon and light­weight wheels that can be very frag­ile.’


‘This is a 2005 ZX-10R with a cur­rent model’s fair­ing fit­ted to it, and it’s a bit of a weapon. The swingarm is a PBM kit unit and it has an Aprilia RSV4 Fac­tory front end, which was a night­mare to fit but gives you Öh­lins and ra­dial brakes. The en­gine is su­per­bike-spec and makes 173bhp with a Nova gear­box and AIM dash. It wheel­ies every­where de­spite the Baz­zaz elec­tron­ics...’


‘Neil built this – it is an old wheel rim with a bit of metal welded to it and a vice at­tached. It means he can clamp a fork and the top is at an easy height to work on. It looks a bit Heath Robin­son, but it does the job. He takes it to all the race meets and track­days!’


‘We only ever work on one en­gine at a time, to stop parts get­ting mixed up, and I of­ten re­build them af­ter-hours so I’m not dis­turbed by the phone go­ing off. This 2004 Blade en­gine is in for a gear­box re­fresh. The ’04 bike has a strong gear­box, un­like the cur­rent model which likes to frac­ture and break third gear.’


‘The Öh­lins work­shop is Neil’s domain and he is a fully cer­ti­fied Öh­lins tech­ni­cian with a level two diploma. Level three means you are work­ing with test and Mo­toGP rid­ers and is the next stage in his train­ing. The sus­pen­sion side is around 25% of our busi­ness and as well as Öh­lins we work on most other sus­pen­sion units, es­pe­cially at track­days. At a track we can re­build forks and change shock springs, but we need the vac­uum ma­chine to re­build a shock, and un­for­tu­nately that can’t be trans­ported.’


‘We used to take this abroad, but it cost so much money to run we now only take it to UK track­days and race meets. It stores more than 250 tyres and sleeps six peo­ple, as well as hav­ing a kitchen and so­cial room. We carry two tyre chang­ers, all the sus­pen­sion kit, spares, tools and even the dyno in this truck. An­noy­ingly it only does 8mpg.’

BMW S1000R

‘I lost my leg in a bike ac­ci­dent and we do a lot of work on dis­abled con­ver­sions. We have fit­ted this BMW with a power shifter as the owner has lost his right leg and has lim­ited use of his left, and then added a thumb rear brake with a longer right peg to stop his foot slid­ing off it. We are a mem­ber of the Na­tional As­so­ci­a­tion for Bik­ers with a Dis­abil­ity (NABD) and it is a sub­ject close to my heart. Just be­cause you have an in­jury doesn’t mean you have to ride a trike – you can also con­vert a two-wheeler to meet your needs.’


‘These con­tain­ers usu­ally live in our truck and house all our track kit. They are stuffed full of things like clip-ons, spac­ers, rain lights, brake levers, cap­tive spac­ers, Brembo bits, brake pads, clutches. If you haven’t to­tally bent your bike in half we can usu­ally get you back out on track!’


‘These re­spond re­ally well to get­ting their ECUs re-flashed. The cross­plane mo­tor has loads of en­gine brak­ing and that can give it a snatchy throt­tle re­sponse, which is easy to re­move by tweak­ing the throt­tle maps. We can also dis­con­nect the ex­haust servo, in­take flap valve and lambda sen­sor if it is fit­ted with a full sys­tem. A good ECU map will give it about 10bhp and make it far nicer on the throt­tle re­sponse, and we can also use the soft­ware to give it an up and down quick­shifter us­ing an af­ter­mar­ket strain gauge. The 2016 ZX-10R also re­sponds re­ally well to care­ful ECU work.’


‘When the me­chan­ics start a job they also start the timer so we don’t over or un­der charge for jobs. It’s too easy to lose time when you are work­ing on a bike and this means we charge fairly for each job.’

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