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‘I hate us­ing sol­der­ing irons that are elec­tri­cally pow­ered as the power ca­bles al­ways get in the way or you run out of length. Gas-pow­ered ones run on lighter fluid and are bril­liant, and rea­son­ably cheap at un­der £40. It heats up pretty much in­stantly and is so much eas­ier to use than an elec­tri­cal one. I’ve had this for years and you end up just us­ing it like a very hot and pre­cise pen.’ head of the rivet, which few peo­ple know or bother check­ing. I also dou­ble-check feeler gauges with it just to be 100% cer­tain. This is my fa­ther’s mi­crom­e­ter – he was an en­gi­neer, and he gave to me when he re­tired. I have to ad­mit I had to get him to teach me to use it, as my de­gree is in Busi­ness and not Engi­neer­ing...’

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