1996 DU­CATI 916

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‘I bought this new in 1996 and it is the only new ve­hi­cle I have ever owned. At that time you couldn’t get one for love nor money as Du­cati couldn’t get wheels from Brembo, so it ac­tu­ally came from Spain, I think. I’ve done over 40,000 miles on it as I didn’t have a car to start with. I’ve done track­days, tour­ing, the works, but even­tu­ally I stored it in a mate’s garage – which was a mis­take. It furred up ter­ri­bly, so I stripped it down about 10 years ago. Last year I got around to re­build­ing it and it is very nearly fin­ished. It’s not a hard bike to re­build, but it takes a lot of time and con­cen­tra­tion.’

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