Yamaha YZR-M1

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Yamaha’s de­sign is the most el­e­gant so­lu­tion: two aero vanes in­side each side of a widened fair­ing.

“It’s a neat lit­tle so­lu­tion, but the ef­fect will be much less than what they had last year,” says Row­land-Rouse. “They’ve pre­sum­ably looked at the max­i­mum width al­lowed, then po­si­tioned a cou­ple of vanes in there, be­cause they’re more like vanes than wings. Then they’ve run the fair­ing skin around the out­side of the vanes. I’d say the gap be­tween the two vanes is too small be­cause the two sur­faces are re­ally close to each other, so the low pres­sure un­der­neath the up­per vane may in­ter­fere with the high pres­sure [for down­force] of the lower vane. On the other hand, it’s prob­a­bly more ef­fi­cient in terms of drag than last year’s wings. Also, the end­plate [the fair­ing skin] will mas­sively re­duce the vor­tex that would come off the end of the wings, so the in­sta­bil­ity for a fol­low­ing rider won’t be any­where near as bad as it was with con­ven­tional wings.”

‘They’ve clev­erly worked around the rules to cre­ate four ‘wing’ sur­faces in front of the han­dle­bars’

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