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“WHEN WE CHANGED to Miche­lin it was the worse year of my ca­reer. Ev­ery time I at­tacked I lost the front. I changed my tech­nique af­ter spend­ing many af­ter­noons with Tom [O’Kane, his Suzuki crew chief] in front of the com­puter, un­der­stand­ing the com­bi­na­tion of lean-an­gle and front-brake pres­sure.

“From there I be­came more bal­anced, us­ing less lean an­gle and less brake pres­sure. The Miche­lin front has im­proved a lot but it’s still not like the Bridge­stone. With the Bridge­stone you could have 15 bars of [front brake] pres­sure with 60 de­grees of lean, el­bow on the ground, lock­ing the front and not crash­ing! With the Miche­lin it’s all about stop­ping the bike in a straight line as fast as pos­si­ble.

“With the uni­fied elec­tron­ics we strug­gled at the be­gin­ning, be­cause we had to change the way the trac­tion con­trol works and how the en­gine-brak­ing works, but it’s not a big drama. To me the bike is bet­ter with less TC and wheelie con­trol. Ev­ery time you use too much TC you fuck the en­gine. When there is no grip I don’t like to in­crease the TC. I pre­fer to work with power re­duc­tion in the en­gine man­age­ment, be­cause if you use too much trac­tion con­trol you get more move­ment from the sus­pen­sion and the chas­sis, so the bike be­comes very un­sta­ble.”

Espargaro tries not to worry the TC when grip is at a premium GOLD AND GOOSE, APRILIA RAC­ING

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