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Hinges and catches

Worn or dam­aged hinges and fit­tings can cause gaps to de­velop be­tween the win­dow frame and the face of the open­ing win­dow, re­sult­ing in draughts.

● If hinges, latches, stays and bolts are stuck, ease with a lit­tle oil or WD-40.

● Con­tact a black­smith or spe­cial­ist me­tal win­dow com­pany for re­pairs or miss­ing parts.


Tra­di­tional me­tal win­dows were rarely weath­er­stripped to keep out rain and draughts so it’s es­sen­tial to min­imise gaps be­tween the frame and the open­ing case­ment or fan­light.


● Open the win­dow and en­sure sur­faces are clean, dry and free from dust.

● Ap­ply cling film around the edge of the open­ing sec­tion.

● With a sealant gun, run a thin sil­i­cone bead around the frame us­ing ei­ther clear sil­i­cone or a match­ing colour.

● Squash the sil­i­cone to shape by clos­ing the win­dow onto it and al­low the sil­i­cone to fully dry.

● Open the win­dow and re­move the cling film, which has acted as a bond-breaker.

● Trim back any ex­cess sil­i­cone with a sharp knife.

● Or, where suit­able, fix brush-seals or thin, soft rub­ber draught ex­clud­ers to the open­ing edges.

● Con­sider sec­ondary glaz­ing, where a slim­line pane of glaz­ing is added to your win­dows.

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