Col­lage with masks & blends

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Learn how to make a de­light­ful vin­tage-in­spired col­lage

With an as­sort­ment of im­ages, tex­tures and shapes at your com­mand, layer your way to a de­light­ful vin­tage col­lage

Hav­ing a go at pro­duc­ing a col­lage can be a great ex­cur­sion away from your rou­tine cre­ative en­deav­ours. Those of you who’ve done col­lages (ei­ther on the screen or in the phys­i­cal world) know the process can be more of a feel-your-way jour­ney than a rigid step-by-step. As such, col­lage work can be quite lib­er­at­ing for your imag­i­na­tion. It’s like jump­ing into your car with a semi-clear des­ti­na­tion, ditch­ing GPS and let­ting in­tu­ition grab the steer­ing wheel. Now, you might very well take longer than ex­pected, get joy­ously lost or even dis­cover a hid­den av­enue leading to an al­ter­nate end­ing.

With this in mind, fol­low the tu­to­rial know­ing there’s no con­crete pre­scrip­tion for col­lage work. Sure, there are ten­den­cies and help­ful tech­niques, and the or­der in which you layer and blend can help you more ef­fi­ciently pro­duce vin­tage vibes and other ef­fects, but there is free­dom.

You can per­form each step down to the let­ter, con­struct­ing an im­age as close to the one printed on the mag­a­zine page as pos­si­ble… or you can re­gard the steps as flighty guide­posts, tak­ing turns and de­tours when­ever you like, no mat­ter what the street signs say. If you’re go­ing the lat­ter route, feel free to bring along your own pho­tos and tex­tures.

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