Cre­ate a vec­tor pat­tern with Adobe Cap­ture

Turn draw­ings into dig­i­tal art­work with this handy lit­tle app, and colour it in with ease in Pho­to­shop

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Turn hand-drawn into dig­i­tal art­work with ease

For many, dig­i­tal art­work has re­placed tra­di­tional draw­ing. Gone is the need even for a sketch­pad to take on the go since Adobe in­tro­duced their Sketch app; though with the Adobe Cap­ture app, it’s eas­ier now to trans­form full sketches into dig­i­tal works in no time at all.

Adobe Cap­ture is fairly straight­for­ward. It re­volves around the idea of tak­ing as­pects of the real world for your cre­ative projects, whether that’s a colour pal­ette, a brush or the case of this tu­to­rial, a pat­tern drawn onto a notepad. Though in this tu­to­rial we’re go­ing to sim­ply add a gra­di­ent and keep the pat­tern low-key, you can choose to cre­ate all kinds of bright and ex­cit­ing car­toons by cre­at­ing the line-work by hand and fill­ing in the shapes with the Paint Bucket tool or with brushes in Phot­so­hop.

In many Pho­to­shop Cre­ative tu­to­ri­als, you’ll be told that you don’t need to be amaz­ing at draw­ing to cre­ate amaz­ing dig­i­tal art­work. This is true of this project too, but it can def­i­nitely help to turn a good artist’s work into even bet­ter pat­terns. If you’re a con­fi­dent artist when it comes to pen­cil and pa­per, and you’re hop­ing to em­bel­lish your line art with colour, this is cer­tainly the tu­to­rial for you!

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