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Re­shakh Mah­moud talks to us about his eye-catch­ing project, where he takes nat­u­ral el­e­ments and in­serts them into stylis­tic dig­i­tal il­lus­tra­tions

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Re­shakh Mah­moud takes us through the process of his Pre­cious project

Na­ture has in­flu­enced so many artists from so many dif­fer­ent eras and walks of life. De­spite the fact that Pho­to­shop is a dig­i­tal medium, it can still be a use­ful tool for artists in the 21st cen­tury to con­vey their ap­pre­ci­a­tion and won­der of Mother Na­ture.

When Re­shakh Mah­moud, an artist spe­cial­is­ing in mo­tion graph­ics de­cided to fo­cus on a col­lec­tion of pieces high­light­ing the beauty in na­ture, he turned to Pho­to­shop and Il­lus­tra­tor to bring his art­work to life. The re­sult was some­thing that looked mod­ern, slick and cool, but also colour­ful and evoca­tive of the world around us.

We asked Re­shakh to tell us more about the project and how he made it.

How long have you been us­ing Pho­to­shop, Re­shakh?

I’ve been us­ing Pho­to­shop for over ten years now, from Pho­to­shop 7 to CC 2018. Now I’m us­ing Pho­to­shop in a lot of fields, for things such as mo­tion graph­ics, tex­tur­ing, style frames, re­touch­ing, pho­toma­nip­u­la­tion, but also draw­ing art­works and crea­tures, things like that. Graph­ics tablets are also very use­ful for work­ing in Pho­to­shop, too. Us­ing a graphic tablet with Pho­to­shop is my pre­ferred work­ing style.

What are your favourite Pho­to­shop tools?

As an artist who pri­ori­tises colour, I find the Brush tools to be my ab­so­lute favourites as they make it easy for my imag­i­na­tion to come true. I have a lot of brushes, most of which are pre­mium brushes, al­though I do be­lieve that any­thing can be done with reg­u­lar brushes as well. The sec­ond tool I love is the Pen tool. I use it to make shapes in my projects so nat­u­rally, it’s one of my favourites. Tools like the Move tool, erasers and the Blur tool have also been cru­cial to my works.

Are those the tools that you used for this project?

Thank­fully, Pho­to­shop has a lot of tools that made my job much eas­ier. The Brush tool, for ex­am­ple, was a huge help and I used a lot of brushes in this project. I also used rulers to make sure ev­ery­thing was per­fect. I used the Pen to make the ex­act shapes that I wanted,

and the Eraser tool to mix the lay­ers and the colours. Other tools like the El­lip­ti­cal Mar­quee were also very handy.

What was the idea be­hind this project?

I wanted to com­bine bright colours, gem­stones, fire and wa­ter into one big project fo­cus­ing on an­i­mals and na­ture. Ev­ery­thing I do is in­flu­enced by na­ture as I be­lieve it to be the best source of in­spi­ra­tion.

And who were your big­gest in­flu­ences for this project?

I have al­ways loved Van Gogh, and the way he used colour in his work has al­ways fas­ci­nated me. The artis­tic ap­proach to this project can be cred­ited to him on some lev­els. I wanted to try and use his style of colour lay­er­ing but adapted it to dig­i­tal art and added my own spin to it. Van Gogh is one of the most unique artists of all time and the way he used colour to this day re­mains un­par­al­leled in my opin­ion.

Did you use Il­lus­tra­tor for this project at all?

For some lay­ers, like lines and vec­tors, I used Il­lus­tra­tor. It has a lot of op­tions to make your out­lines and lines clearer.

What was the feed­back like on this project?

The feed­back has been very pos­i­tive over­all, one of my clos­est friends who is also a dig­i­tal artist called me af­ter he saw the first pic­ture and told me how amazed he was with the fi­nal look. The gen­eral feed­back that I re­ceived was that of amaze­ment and ap­pre­ci­a­tion, and yes, that was quite sur­pris­ing to me.

Where does this project rank along­side other projects you’ve worked on?

I’m very proud of this one. And I’ve worked on a lot of projects for many com­pa­nies that I’m re­ally proud of. Most of those have been mo­tion graph­ics-based projects, but I haven’t up­loaded all of them to my so­cial me­dia pages or web­site. Now that my own web­site is fi­nally launch­ing soon, I’m very ex­cited to share some of the work I’m very proud of. It’s com­ing soon, so be on the look­out.

gem­stones The gem­stones were at the cen­tre of this project with each of the im­ages in the col­lec­tion fea­tur­ing them in some way or form. Smooth­ing This project was cre­ated al­most en­tirely with brushes; the Lazy Nezumi Pro plug-in was used to make sure the lines were smooth. Book cover This project spawned a book cover with a sim­i­lar de­sign of a flower.

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