Op­ti­mise your Brush Set­tings

For me, suc­cess al­ways comes from how I use the avail­able tools pro­vided by Pho­to­shop. In Brush Set­tings, you can cre­ate a mas­ter­piece with­out need­ing to down­load any ad­di­tional brushes.

Photoshop Creative - - BRUSH TOOL - Artist: Amro Ashry

Softer skin

01 Use a soft mixer brush to blend the colours of the skin. Set as Wet: 5%, Load: 5%, Mix: 10% and Flow: 35%. If you are us­ing a graph­ics tablet, from Brush Set­tings, go to Scat­ter­ing, set Con­trol to Pen Pres­sure and set Count to 3.


02 Cre­ate a new layer, set the Blend Mode to Color Dodge and change the Opac­ity to 15%. Now use a spat­ter brush to add high­lights by click­ing and re­leas­ing ei­ther with your mouse or a tablet.

Work­ing on the hair

03 Use a flat­ter brush for hair. Go to Brush Set­tings, and to Brush Tip Shape to con­trol the shape, thick­ness, length and the an­gle of the fine lines of the hair. Af­ter that, se­lect Scat­ter­ing, then set Count to 6 or more and in­crease the scat­ter.

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