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of male friends to hang out with.

But I could never con­fess how I truly felt.

That, when I closed my eyes, I imag­ined my­self as a man, with broad shoul­ders, cropped hair and a flat ch­est. It was a wish I kept to my­self. What kind of girl hoped they would wake up a boy?

When I turned 15, I had stum­bled across an In­ter­net fo­rum used by teenagers.

There were thou­sands of boys and girls mes­sag­ing each other around the coun­try.

I had been about to join the site un­der my own name, but then I had a crazy thought. What if I pre­tend to be a boy? I could use my mid­dle name, Jaye, and just lie about my sex.

I would be truth­ful about ev­ery­thing else, like my love

Me (cen­tre) with my mum and sis­ter

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