Po­lice had shock­ing news for Jes­sica af­ter her neigh­bour’s evil at­tack...

Pick Me Up! Special - - Real Life Tasty - Jes­sica Mcdon­ald,22, New­cas­tle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

I’d known Glen Mills for a while. We had mu­tual friends and, when I moved to a new home in April 2014, he was my next door neigh­bour. ‘How are you?’ he’d ask, stop­ping for a chat in the street.

Peo­ple had warned me to steer clear of him, said he was trou­ble, but he was nice enough to me.

I was a sin­gle mum to Fin­ley, 3, and he’d some­times play with Glen’s kids in his gar­den. I’d pop my head over the fence to check on him. He al­ways seemed happy.

Bump­ing into Glen again in the June, we started nat­ter­ing.

‘Why don’t we have a drink on Fri­day?’ Glen, then 30, said.

He had a party that night, but said he’d be back by 9pm.

‘I could knock for you on my way home,’ he suggested.

There was noth­ing ro­man­tic be­tween us – it was just nice to have adult con­ver­sa­tions ev­ery now and then.

So, on Fri­day 13 June, my cousin David, 23, of­fered to look af­ter Fin­ley for me while I popped round to Glen’s for a drink.

‘Just a small vodka and or­ange for me,’ I said to Glen.

Though David was babysit­ting, I wanted to have a clear head, in case Fin­ley woke up in the night.

Glen and I spent the evening talk­ing about any­thing and ev­ery­thing, lis­ten­ing to mu­sic. It was so easy, time flew. When I checked my phone it was al­most mid­night…

‘I’m just go­ing to check on Fin­ley,’ I said to Glen. I needn’t have wor­ried, though. ‘He’s fast asleep,’ David said. He even of­fered to stay longer, if I wanted to go back to Glen’s.

‘Thanks,’ I said, head­ing back next door again.

Re­laxed, I treated my­self to an­other drink. But, a few sips in, I sud­denly felt spaced-out. Odd.

Sit­ting on the edge of Glen’s pull-out sofa in the lounge, feel­ing woozy, I must have passed out…

When I came round, half­con­scious, Glen was on top of me, try­ing to have sex with me.

Ter­ri­fied, I tried to fight him off, but it was no use. He was so much stronger than me. ‘No!’ I begged. Only Glen didn’t lis­ten. He tried to have oral sex with me, but I clenched my jaw shut.

As Glen tried again to force my mouth open, I be­came vaguely aware of a light – a cam­era flash?

Scared, con­fused, I couldn’t un­der­stand what was hap­pen­ing. Then Glen raped me. I couldn’t stop him – I was paral­ysed with fear.

When he’d fin­ished, I man­aged to scratch his back some­how.

As he winced, I seized my mo­ment to push him away from me and es­cape. Glen said noth­ing. Com­pletely naked, I grabbed my clothes from the floor, threw them on in the hall­way and ran home cry­ing.

‘What’s the mat­ter?’ David asked, see­ing my puffy, red eyes.


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