Co­ral’s fam­ily res­cue dog turned out to be a real life­saver...

Pick Me Up! Special - - Real Life Lethal - Co­ral Si­b­ley, 31, Hayes, Mid­dle­sex

Curled up, toasty warm in bed, I was look­ing for­ward to my early night. It was get­ting dark so early, I’d even switched the heating on. Bliss. What was that? It was 2.30am and our black Pat­terdale Ter­rier, Gra­cie, was bark­ing non-stop. Then, a thud… We’d fos­tered Gra­cie a month ear­lier, in Septem­ber 2015, along with her five new­born pup­pies.

She’d been aban­doned, heav­ily preg­nant, and found wan­der­ing the streets.

I work at Bat­tersea Dogs and Cats Home in Old Wind­sor, Berk­shire, and couldn’t re­sist tak­ing her and her pup­pies in.

Now, wrapped in a dress­ing gown, I went to check on her.

To my hor­ror, I found my step­dad Andy Smith, 48, ly­ing face­down in the lounge. ‘Andy?’ I cried. Noth­ing. Busi­ness­man Andy had been my fa­ther fig­ure since he met my mum Jane Scott, 49, 22 years ear­lier. Run­ning up­stairs, I woke Mum. Dash­ing back to him, we found Andy had stopped breath­ing.

I rang 999 and we did CPR for 10 min­utes, be­fore paramedics ar­rived and blue-lighted him to west Lon­don’s Ham­mer­smith Hos­pi­tal.

The next two weeks were hell, as he lay in an in­duced coma.

When he fi­nally woke, he had short­term mem­ory loss.

The one thing he did re­mem­ber was Gra­cie.

Doc­tors said he’d had a sus­pected stroke and a heart at­tack – ac­tu­ally dy­ing for 17 min­utes!

Gra­cie’s SOS bark had saved his life.

Even­tu­ally, her pup­pies were all re-homed, but Andy in­sisted on keep­ing Gra­cie.

We’re so amazed at what she did. Ever since, she’s been his guardian an­gel.

The one thing he did re­mem­ber was Gra­cie

Gra­cie and her pup­pies

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