Pick Me Up! Special - - Real Life Shattering -

home for a while,’ she soothed. ‘Get Scott to drive you in when they’re ev­ery five min­utes and last­ing 60 sec­onds.’ Run­ning a bath, I climbed in and started tim­ing my con­trac­tions. Mean­while, Scott, a dog trainer, was snor­ing away in our bed­room! But as I lay back in the bub­bles, I felt some­thing pop… then blood! My waters had bro­ken. ‘Scott!’ I screamed. ‘Get me out of the bath, the baby’s com­ing!’ Yank­ing me out of the tub, he plonked me on the toi­let, as he fetched some tow­els. Sat on the loo, though, I couldn’t help push­ing. That’s when I felt it… The baby’s head! ‘I can’t have my baby in the toi­let’ I cried. I called for Scott again, but he was still rum­mag­ing around in the air­ing cup­board, try­ing to find tow­els. ‘What are you do­ing in there? Just call the am­bu­lance, now !’ I screamed. The baby was com­ing in a mat­ter of min­utes… With no other choice, I shuf­fled

Scott was there when I needed him

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