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I dye my hair a dif­fer­ent colour ev­ery week…

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It makes my pa­tients smile

Look­ing at all the dif­fer­ent hair dyes, my eyes glance up and down the shelves in awe, and a sense of in­de­ci­sive­ness fills me with ex­cite­ment.

‘What colour this week?’ I think to my­self, peep­ing at the ends of my pink hair.

I have been dye­ing my hair for over five years al­to­gether and I have spent close to £5,000 fund­ing my colour-chang­ing hair habit.

I fi­nally man­aged to de­cide on a shade and I rushed home to lather my hair in my new colour - the 30 minute process is al­ways such a tease while I wait for the colour­ful re­sult.

‘What colour have you cho­sen this week, Vanessa?’ my mum, Jackie, 51, said to me.

‘Li­lac,’ I said, sep­a­rat­ing my hair into sec­tions, en­sur­ing I dyed ev­ery sin­gle strand.

She gave a lit­tle tut, shook her head and smiled at me.

‘Won’t the hos­pi­tal mind?’ she asked, straight­en­ing out my bed sheets. ‘No, they love it. My pa­tients say I keep them young,’ I replied, care­fully comb­ing on the dye into my hair.

My ad­dic­tion to dy­ing my hair started when I was just18 and I turned my hair a bright red colour.

Since then, I buy a box of colour at least once a week, cost­ing around £20 per box of dye.

I usu­ally split the dye into two pots and add con­di­tion­ers to it.

It makes it last longer and my hair’s al­ways in great con­di­tion. I al­ways top the colour up ev­ery few days to keep it look­ing fresh.

The next day at the hos­pi­tal, I was rock­ing my new li­lac hair, which went per­fectly well with my nurs­ing uni­form.

‘Hello nurse pinky,’ one of my pa­tients said to me. ‘Not so pink any­more; I’ve changed it to li­lac,’ I said, plump­ing her pil­low.

‘I’ll still be dy­ing my hair when I get to your age,’ I said, gig­gling.

‘I think greys have the most fun any­way,’ she said, puff­ing up her hair and laugh­ing. I’m fairly sure my pa­tients hadn’t a clue there were so many dif­fer­ent hair colours.

‘How many colours have you been?’ she asked.

‘Well, I nor­mally change my hair colour with my mood and never stay the same colour for more than a month.

‘Let’s see, I’ve been pink, blue, green, brown, blonde, turquoise, red, pur­ple, or­ange…the lists goes on.

‘I’m nat­u­rally a mousey brown, but I like to try some­thing dif­fer­ent ev­ery once in a while,’ I replied.

My hair al­ways get com­pli­ments and the con­di­tion is re­ally good.

The amount of money I have spent on dye­ing my hair is fairly ex­tor­tion­ate, but I have given up other things in their place.

In­stead of buy­ing a dress once a week, or get­ting a take-away, I’ll

buy a box of dye in­stead. I think ev­ery­one should go a shade brighter with their hair.

It’s re­ally en­dear­ing. Just try not to get ad­dicted like me; it costs a lot if you do!

Worth ev­ery penny

Colour me pink!

Vanessa Watts, 25, Bris­tol

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