Babysit­ter’s Betrayal

Sarah* dis­cov­ered the shock­ing truth about her son’s babysit­ter...

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Sarah*, 29, East Sus­sex

Serv­ing up fish fin­gers and chips, I called up­stairs to my son, Jack*.

‘Tea’s on the ta­ble,’ I yelled. ‘Wash your hands!’

‘I’ll be down in a minute!’ he shouted from his bed­room.

‘Xbox off now please,’ I sighed. ‘Your din­ner will get cold.’

Jack groaned and then stomped down the stairs.

‘Good boy,’ I smiled, as he joined his brothers and sis­ters at the ta­ble.

Cheek­ily he poked his tongue out at me. ‘Be­have!’ I said, ruf­fling his hair, as he grinned.

The el­dest of six, Jack was usu­ally as good as gold.

He was pop­u­lar at school and de­spite be­ing the class clown, he loved sports and worked hard.

His dad, Tony*, and I sep­a­rated when Jack was just five years old.

Jack and his sis­ters, aged nine and ten, would go and stay with him for the week­end once a fort­night.

My new part­ner, John*, 25, and I went on to have three more chil­dren, a boy and two lit­tle girls.

Jack loved be­ing a big brother but lately, he’d seemed dis­tant.

‘I want to live at Dad’s house,’ he an­nounced one night.

It was like a stab to my heart but I stayed calm. ‘Ok, I’ll talk to him,’ I said. Jack was cer­tainly out­num­bered by girls at home and he was ap­proach­ing pu­berty.

‘Maybe it would do him good?’ I con­vinced my­self.

Tony only lived down the road, so in Oc­to­ber 2014, he started stay­ing at his dad’s house.

It didn’t ever feel like he was gone, as his school was op­po­site our house. He’d pop in every day for tea and he’d play with his lit­tle brother and sis­ters.

A month later, the girls went to stay with their dad and Jack.

‘Did you have a good time?’ I asked, when I picked them up.

‘Dad’s got a babysit­ter,’ one chirped up. ‘She sleeps in the same bed­room as Jack.’ I was stunned. The girls ex­plained a woman called Jade had been look­ing af­ter them at the house af­ter school.

Jade had told the girls to go down­stairs so that she could be in Jack’s room with him.

Grab­bing my mo­bile, I phoned Jack straight away. ‘Is this true?’ I asked. ‘No,’ he cried. Fu­ri­ous, I di­alled Tony’s num­ber. ‘What on earth is go­ing on?’ I de­manded to know.

Tony ex­plained that 21-year-old Jade Hatt was a friend who had babysat while he was at work six or seven times, but that she def­i­nitely wasn’t in Jack’s room.

I had no idea Tony wasn’t with the chil­dren the whole time.

‘I would have had them!’ I

snapped. ‘There’s no need for a babysit­ter.’

Tony said the girls had got it all wrong and I calmed down when he vowed she wouldn’t babysit again.

But later that even­ing, the girls con­fessed that they’d seen Jade and Jack kiss.

‘Are you sure about that?’ I cried.

They both nod­ded. ‘On the lips,’ they said.

In a rage, I called Tony again. ‘call the po­lice, now!’ I cried hys­ter­i­cally.

Jack gave a state­ment to of­fi­cers, and I was kept in the loop by the child abuse team.

Jade was ar­rested and she even­tu­ally ad­mit­ted to hav­ing sex with Jack.

‘He’s 11 years old!’ I sobbed in dis­gust.

Jade said that Jack had told her he was 15 – de­spite Tony telling her he wasn’t. I felt phys­i­cally sick. Gen­tly, I tried to talk to Jack. He re­luc­tantly ad­mit­ted that Jade had forced him to have sex and he hadn’t en­joyed it.

‘It’s not your fault,’ I promised him, hold­ing him tightly.

In Oc­to­ber 2016, Jade Hatt ap­peared in Swin­don Crown Court where she pleaded guilty to sex­ual ac­tiv­ity with a child. I was con­vinced she’d go to jail. I didn’t go along as I didn’t want to tell the younger chil­dren why I was go­ing. The court heard that Jade was look­ing af­ter Jack while he had the time off school for an inset day. Jade had stripped off, re­moved his clothes, then strad­dled him and had sex­ual in­ter­course with him. She told him she en­joyed it, but Jack said that he hadn’t as he knew it was wrong. Jade hadn’t just had sex with Jack - but his dad Tony had also had a sex­ual re­la­tion­ship with her too.

Tony stood up in court to de­fend Jade, de­scrib­ing her as ma­ture and said that our lit­tle boy was ‘sex mad.’

The state­ment Tony wrote was read to the court. It said: ‘I know he told her he was 15. He looks older than his years.

He is sex mad. He would have been fully up for this ex­pe­ri­ence and in many ways sees it as a notch on his belt and is to­tally un­af­fected by it.’

Jack is not sex mad. He is 11 years old. He is a child. There is no ex­cuse for what she did. Jade was given a six-month jail term sus­pended for two years with su­per­vi­sion and told to reg­is­ter as a sex of­fender for seven years. She has also been banned from hav­ing un­su­per­vised con­tact with young boys for two years. I col­lapsed and broke down in tears when the po­lice called to tell me. It’s not jus­tice. I have noth­ing to do with Jack’s dad any­more and he cer­tainly won’t be see­ing his chil­dren any time soon. We’ve moved nearly 150 miles away from the area and Jack has been un­able to go back to school since it all hap­pened. He’s now full of at­ti­tude and ag­gres­sion. My boy has changed. Jade has stolen his child­hood and I’ll never for­give her.

Re­build­ing our lives 150 miles away

Jade Hatt

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