Just Potty

Teresa’s daugh­ter was al­ways a hand­ful, but then she came un­stuck…

Pick Me Up! Special - - Contents - Teresa Smith, 37,

If there was the small­est chance to get into some mis­chief, my three year old daugh­ter, Kyla, would find a way. I could turn my back for just two sec­onds, and Kyla would im­me­di­ately strip off, dig out her felt tip pens and turn her­self into a hu­man colour­ing book.

‘Oh Kyla,’ I sighed, try­ing to hold back gig­gles as I won­dered how I was go­ing to get the splodges of ink off her en­tire body.

My two older chil­dren, Liam, 15, and Kate­lyn, 13, adored their lit­tle sis­ter. The cheeky mon­key had been keep­ing us all en­ter­tained from the mo­ment she was born. And once Kyla started talking, there was no stop­ping her con­fi­dent at­ti­tude from tak­ing over our house. ‘Get to your bed!’ she’d bark at her big brother Liam, posed with her hands on her hips. Last Novem­ber, though, she re­ally out­did her­self. Af­ter bath and PJS, we were cud­dling in front of the telly. Liam was up­stairs play­ing his video games and Kate­lyn was out with friends, so it was just the two of us re­lax­ing a bit be­fore bed. Halfway through watch­ing some car­toons, Kyla jumped up to use the potty. She’d been potty-train­ing for three months. We kept one in the liv­ing room be­cause she had a habit of hold­ing on un­til the very last minute. Once she’d fin­ished, I pulled out the bowl insert and took it to the bath­room to empty. As I turned back to Kyla, I did a dou­ble take.

‘Mummy, I’m stuck!’ she yelped, head jammed through the hole of her up­side-down pink potty.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Come here,’ I gig­gled.

Care­fully, I pulled the potty, but the plas­tic was stuck fast around her chat­ter­box head.

I pan­icked and raced off to grab some wash­ing-up liq­uid, but de­spite cover­ing Kyla in it, the potty didn’t budge.

Liam walked in and burst out laughing.

‘This is se­ri­ous,’ I said, try­ing to hold back my own chuck­les.

As a last re­sort, I di­alled 999.

Three bur­ley fire­fight­ers ar­rived.

‘We can’t for­get this!’ one of them gig­gled, pulling out his phone and tak­ing a pic­ture of Kyla with the potty stuck firmly around her head.

As we dis­tracted Kyla with a bit of TV, a fire­fighter snipped away at the plas­tic, and within min­utes, she was fi­nally free.

Kyla was so proud of the drama that she told ev­ery­one about it!

‘You should have kept my potty!’ she told me, crossly, want­ing it as a sou­venir of her ad­ven­ture.

But what bet­ter way to re­mem­ber the potty pickle she got in to than the hi­lar­i­ous photos? One day, I’ll get my own back!

I yanked and pulled but it wouldn’t budge

My daugh­ter has a tal­ent of get­ting into mis­chief

Typ­i­cal Kyla!

To the res­cue

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