Tracy’s cat is loud­est by a whisker Tracy West­wood, 51, Torquay

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Cradling my res­cue kit­ten, Mer­lin, then eight weeks, I was com­pletely in love.

It was July 2002, and, nes­tled com­fort­ably in my lap, he purred away – loudly!

Seems he had a hid­den tal­ent… he was as loud as a mo­tor­bike!

‘Turn the telly up!’ I said to my daugh­ter, Alice, then nine.

Still, he didn’t purr when he was asleep, so he never dis­turbed me.

The sound wasn’t pierc­ing more a low rum­ble - and I found it strangely com­fort­ing. But vis­i­tors would cer­tainly com­ment.

‘He’s like a drill!’ my pal, Dave, 30, gasped.

One day, in 2011, I watched a TV news item about a record-break­ing cat called Smokey, from Northamp­ton, whose purr had reg­is­tered 67.68 deci­bels.

A typ­i­cal cat’s purr can hit around 25 deci­bels.

‘Mer­lin’s way louder that that!’ I de­clared proudly.

Cu­ri­ous, I down­loaded an on­line deci­bel tester and mea­sured Mer­lin’s mighty purr… It was 100db! Googling it, I learned that his purr was as loud as a lion’s roar!

Friends en­cour­aged me to con­tact the lo­cal pa­per, who came to film Mer­lin’s feafen­ing din.

Overnight, in Jan­uary 2013, Mer­lin be­came a Youtube sen­sa­tion, and he’s had over one mil­lion hits. In March this year, Chan­nel 5 pro­gramme, Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud, con­tacted me and ar­ranged for an of­fi­cial test to be per­formed.

On 2 April, a sound en­gi­neer and an ad­ju­di­ca­tor from Guin­ness World Records ar­rived.

A high-tech mi­cro­phone was held one me­tre away from Mer­lin, at one me­tre above the ground – and it reg­is­tered Mer­lin’s purr at a whop­ping 67.8db. ‘He can do louder!’ I in­sisted. I gave him an ex­tra bowl of tuna to en­cour­age him, but he was too shy. Still, he’d beaten the world record by a whisker!

Of­fi­cially the loud­est cat in the world, I think he’s pretty chuffed with him­self, and he still purrs all day long.

Mer­lin may be louder than a car horn but, to me, he’s just my pitch purr-fect puss!

Pitch purr­fect

Mer­lin is so proud

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