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1 Iden­tify the prob­lem

Ask your­self what’s wrong. If you are feel­ing blue every week, it could be a sign that you are un­happy at work, and you need to ei­ther fix that, or find an­other job.

2 Avoid the dread

Pre­pare for Mon­day on Fri­day. If you have any un­pleas­ant tasks wait­ing for you on Mon­day morn­ing, try to get them done on Fri­day af­ter­noon in­stead.

3 Be pos­i­tive

Make a list. Write down three things you have to look for­ward to in the coming week. It will get you more ex­cited for Mon­day.

4 Keep it sep­a­rate

Avoid check­ing work emails over the week­end. It can be tempt­ing to see what’s wait­ing for you, but it’s im­por­tant to draw a line be­tween work and home.

5 Ex­tra time

Wake up 15 min­utes early. That lit­tle ex­tra ‘me time’ on a Mon­day morn­ing will leave you feel­ing less rushed and does won­ders for pre­par­ing you for the day.

6 Dress for suc­cess

When we look good, we feel good. Save your favourite out­fit for Mon­days. It will see you go­ing to work more pos­i­tive.

7 Pay it for­ward

A com­pli­ment can go a long way. Say some­thing nice to some­one at work on a Mon­day morn­ing and watch how it changes the mood of the whole of­fice.

8 Keep it light

Try not to give your­self too many dif­fi­cult tasks on a Mon­day. Stick to an eas­ier to-do list and try to sched­ule harder tasks for other days of the week.

9 Have fun

Set up a tra­di­tion. Even if it’s just a weekly cof­fee out­ing with a col­league every Mon­day, that’s some­thing you can look for­ward to every week.

10 Plan your even­ing

Have some­thing planned for Mon­day evenings – get a take­away, go to the movies, or head to your lo­cal pub quiz.

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