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For as long as we’ve been mak­ing ba­bies, women have been ex­chang­ing ideas on how to in­crease their chances of hav­ing ei­ther a boy or a girl. Ap­par­ently, you are more likely to have a boy if your part­ner has a high sperm count, and you eat plenty of salty food, pasta, and fruit, while avoid­ing dairy prod­ucts. You’re more likely to have a girl if you drink lots of milk and min­eral water, avoid al­co­hol and mush­rooms, and if you put a wooden spoon un­der your bed and a pink rib­bon un­der your pil­low. There’s no harm in try­ing to defy the odds to swing your baby’s gen­der in your favour, but re­mem­ber that there is no med­i­cal ev­i­dence that any of th­ese meth­ods ac­tu­ally work!

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