Spi­ral Crossword

Pick Me Up! Special - - Real Life -

The Rus­sian re­al­ity TV pro­gramme Zavod of­fers con­tes­tants the chance to win a job where? The an­swer to each clue (apart from the first) be­gins with the last let­ter of the pre­ced­ing an­swer. The shaded squares will spell out the two-word an­swer. 1. Euro­pean cas­tle (7) 2. USA spelt out in full (6,6,2,7) 3. Top man in the Church of Eng­land (10) 4. School sci­ence sub­ject (7) 5. Ac­cord­ing to the old say­ing ‘Beauty is only - - -’ (4,4) 6. Sneak thief who steals items from the clothes you’re wear­ing (4,6) 7. Words of grat­i­tude (5,3) 8. Por­ta­ble rain shield (8) 9. Ocean that sur­rounds Madeira, Azores and Ber­muda (8) 10. Coun­try’s ma­jor city (7) 11. Prover­bially, this broke the camel’s back (4,5) 12. Flour mak­ing build­ing pow­ered by blown sails (8)

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